Pindrop Press has a new website

Jo and I are pleased to announce our new website for Pindrop Press. We have news there about our line up of poets whose work we’ll be publishing during 2010. Please visit the site, where you can also read sample poems from the upcoming books and follow links to the poets’ blogs.

When I was just starting out I had wanted to be a magazine editor and publisher, but I ended up going into education and teaching. Thanks to Jo, who has been a huge motivating force, I’m actually involved in the kind of work I had envisioned for myself when I was young. Pindrop Press is a result of our love of poetry, our study of literature, and Jo’s experience in the publishing world.

We continue to read for our third issue of ouroboros review, and are receiving scores of submissions. Thanks to all of you who continue to read the magazine and take the time to send us your fabulous poems.

10 thoughts on “Pindrop Press has a new website

  1. Julie says:

    I saw the news over at Jo’s, and I am so excited for both of you. Congratulations!!! What wonderful poets you have lined up, and the site is beautiful. I’m impressed, too! Not many people have created the level of beauty and professionalism you have with ouroboros. I can’t wait to see the books! Do keep us informed when the time comes closer for the publications, so we can purchase and shout it out at our blogs. Big hugs, Christine and Jo!


  2. ybonesy says:

    I left a comment over at Jo’s place, but wanted to tell you, too, how inspiring you both are. And it’s heartening to see that you have become a magazine publisher and editor. Isn’t it fabulous that technology has opened up so much and now it’s not about the gatekeepers who decide who does what, but it’s about our own motivations, creativity, and persistence.


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