Swimming This, a full-length poetry collection, forthcoming Summer 2015 with FutureCycle Press.

“When Storms and Whales Despair,” Pilgrimage, Fall 2014.

“The Women have gathered to welcome him home to himself,” Ekphrasis, (nominated for a Pushcart prize) Fall 2014.

“Story of Faults Concealed,” Out of Sequence: the Sonnets Remixed, Upstart: a Journal of English Renaissance Studies, Summer, 2014.

“After Dark Llorona,” Devilfish Review, Summer, 2014.

“Illinois, 1973,” Broad River Review, Honorable Mention for the 2014 Rash Award in Poetry, Spring, 2014, Gardner-Webb University.

Number 1, 1948,Mom Egg Review N. 12, Spring, 2014

“Swimming Stockbridge Bowl,” Heron Tree, Spring, 2014

“Eve Clears Her Garden” and “Postcard Madonna,” (nominated for a Pushcart prize, 2014) Tabula Poetica, Vol 2, N. 3 Chapman University, Spring, 2014

“Buddhist Proverb,” Southern Women’s Review, p. 52, Winter, 2014.

“Perimeter Shopping Trip,” Tampa Review, Issue 45/46, Fall 2013.

“Woman Buys Soul on eBay,” Hobble Creek Review, Fall 2013.

“Courting, 1955,” Slant, a Journal of Poetry, Summer 2013.

A Review of Armor, Amour by Amy Pence, Coldfront, Winter, 2013.

“How the Forbidden Egg was Lost,” Shadowbox, Spring 2013.

Learning to Pray in Spanish, poetry, Flycatcher Review,  editor-in chief, Christopher Martin, January, 2013.

Folly Beach, poetry, Flycatcher Review, editor-in chief, Christopher Martin, January, 2013.

A Review of Olives by A.E. Stallings, Five Points (the Blog), January, 2013.

A Review of Thrall by Natasha Trethewey, Five Points (the Blog), October, 2012.

Learning to Pray in Spanish, Agnes Scott Writers’ Festival 2012 prize winner in poetry. Judge, Joy Harjo.

Harmony, Hot Metal Bridge, Spring, 2012. University of Pittsburgh.

We Wish this Enduring Body, Ekphrasis, Winter, 2012.

Siesta at Hotel La Sirena, Naugatuck River Review, August, 2011. 

North of Chicago, Frida Kahlo’s Blue House, Dead Man’s Fingers,  The Red Clay Review, May, 2011. KSU.

The Red Knitting Woman, Blue Fifth Review, Blue Five Notebook, May, 2011.

The Sea Goddess Tells His Story, Poets for Living Waters, June 2010.

Theories of Zombie Lap Swimmers, Cordite Poetry Review, April, 2010.

Last Lollipop, Between Loads of Laundry, When Pain Drives by the Delivery Room at Wayside Hospital, Ouroboros Review, November, 2009.

Outside the City’s Perimeter, If Ophelia Were From Georgia, the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, 2009. Poetry editor, Helen Losse.

Dusk, Riverbabble, July 2009. Editor Chris Novak.

Foreclosure, Scapegoat Review, Summer, 2009. Editor, Erika Lutzner

Antidepressants Second Generation, OCHO#24, Twitter edition, June, 2009. Editor, Collin Kelley. Managing editor, Didi Menendez.

Everything is a Sign, (Pushcart Prize nomination, 2009) Tipton Poetry Journal.

Cultural gifts, Burst

The Birthday Candle, Burst.

What role does anger play in your writing?, Tiny Lights.

Whose advice do you listen to?, Tiny Lights.

Deficiency, Mamaphonic.

Seven postcard poems, Postal Poetry, 2008. Editors Dave Bonta and Dana Guthrie Martin.

time capsule chronicles, a video poem from Journaling the Apocalypse, qarrtsiluni.

swamp hypnosis, Bolts of Silk.

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