Emily Dickinson and the Via Negativa

My friend Dave Bonta has made a beautiful podcast in honor of Emily Dickinson’s 180th birthday. In under 24 hours he invited several poets and writers to record their renditions of three poems by Emily Dickinson, which he put together in his regular podcast, “Woodrat.”

I happened to see his final call for readings on Facebook, so I woke up the next day and made my recordings. Every time I think I’ll deactivate my Facebook account something good happens because I was there, so for now I’m going to work at merely curtailing my use of said network.

I knew something was in the air on Thursday night when I read my friend Collin Kelley’s tweet about some ED poems he would be reading.  I love how social networking can add excitement to online events.


4 thoughts on “Emily Dickinson and the Via Negativa

  1. Dave says:

    I was so glad when you volunteered, because just after I got the recordings from Collin I said to myself, “Damn! I should’ve asked Christine, too!” But it would’ve felt like an imposition to ask at the point, with so little time to spare.


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