The Stone's Colossal Dream: Coming Soon From Snake Nation Press

Tania Rochelle just announced the publication of her second collection, to be published by Snake Nation Press. I know Tania from her days as a beginning marathon runner. She and my sister were neck and neck in the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Marathon back in the mid eighties. Over the years we would run into each other at the grocery store and the gym, and admire each others’ children. Tania would always ask about my sister, who went through breast cancer (and is now five years out.)

I found out Tania was a poet, and a damn great one, by surprise, when we met up at the Walt Whitman reading Rupert Fike organized this summer. I immediately bought her book, Karaoke Funeral, and fell in love with her poems. She writes with a keen eye, a deep well of honesty, and a healthy sense of humor. Congratulations, Tania!

6 thoughts on “The Stone's Colossal Dream: Coming Soon From Snake Nation Press

  1. Jo says:

    I read the poem at her site, ‘Why I always cry at weddings’ and the last two lines are crackers. Thanks for the heads-up. Hope you’re keeping yours above water.


  2. Julie says:

    Congratulations, Tania. That is awesome how you found out she is a poet. It makes me wonder about the people I chat with at the grocery store. Thanks for the heads up, Christine. I will add the book to my list. I love the titles I’ve read from Snake Nation.


  3. Rethabile says:

    Hi, C!
    What a thrill to talk to you from neighbouring States… I’m sorry we didn’t meet up but there’ll be other times. And I hope you kick kick yourself some MFA butt, too.


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