Margo's Famous Food, Las Vegas, Nevada 1960's

While doing some research for a poem I came across this photo. Do you think this couple just met each other? From here they’re off to get married….. Don’t you love speculating on their lives?

Her outfit is the star of this pic. She was ahead of her time with the spandex leggings. The Keds are cute.

The guy in the background looks like he just got off the night shift, and now he’s heading home for a stiff drink.

7 thoughts on “Margo's Famous Food, Las Vegas, Nevada 1960's

  1. Deb says:

    I also love the bra outside the blouse look. That would have been tre riske’ back then! (Don’t you think?)

    Great inspiration. I can hardly wait!


  2. carolee says:

    i like that the sneakers are red. and that the bra has a zebra-stripe thing going on. oh, to be able to pull off one or the other!!! and she does both!!! go on, girl!


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