Welcome to Pino's Pizza of Brighton, MA

One of the must-visit places on our itinerary whenever we pass through Boston is Pino’s Pizza. My husband and I, back when we first started dating, used to go to the one on Cleveland Circle, near where I lived and worked. He had already been a regular since his high school days. And now our sons carry on the tradition.

Pino’s marinara sauce is perfection, the crust is thin and light, and they add just the right amount of cheese – a true work of art. There are glass jars of crushed peppers and Parmesan cheese on the counter to add some extra flavor to your pie, and a wide array of sparkling waters and soda. The heat from their open oven doors reminds me of the summer air in Atlanta.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Pino's Pizza of Brighton, MA

  1. Michelle Johnson says:

    I just ate some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cooked sweet carrots and macaroni/ cheese. No room for pizza tonight. Sounds good though. Love that its become a tradition for your family. The only change I would make to the pizza is the crust. I like thick best. Hope all is well. Have a great night.


  2. christine says:

    Collin, I could live off pizza. I like making my own, too. I’ll make you a pie one day.

    Michelle, your supper sounds delish. You would fit in well in Chicago, with their deep-dish pizzas and extra thick crust.


  3. Julie says:

    Hi, Christine! It’s so good to see your face. Oh, this sounds awesome. Now I’ve gotta get a pizza…ha! I love hot peppers on pizza. It sounds lovely in Boston.


  4. Lisa Allender says:

    Never visited Massachussetts, but it sounds like I have a few reasons now:
    I hear the bookstores in Boston are great.
    I want to visit Harvard.
    The History(American Revolution)
    The harbor/seafood.
    and now….
    Pino’s Pizza!!
    Thanks for the tip!


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