ouroboros review issue 3 now live

cover3 Jo and I are pleased to release the latest issue of ouroboros review. We started ouroboros almost a year ago, and now we have produced three beautiful issues, thanks to our generous contributors. You can read the magazine on our website, as well as purchase a copy from the bookstore.

Thanks, Jo, for being a great business partner. You have made the po-biz lots of fun.

9 thoughts on “ouroboros review issue 3 now live

  1. paisley says:

    congratulations!!! what a great project you too have put together,, and just knowing there are tow of the finest poetic minds i know behind it makes me sure it will always maintain a high standard.. have to pop on over and have a read….


  2. Jo says:

    You too. Sorry, only one day left till term ends, I feel like I’m caught in the eye of a storm. And Carolee’s right, we are an excellent team x


  3. Julie says:

    Congratulations, Christine and Jo! The cover is absolutely beautiful. I’ll go snap it up right now and spend some glorious time reading it. I was hoping it would be up today. Thank you! Yes, you are an awesome team!


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