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Jo and I are revving up for a new reading period for ouroboros. We are thrilled with the success of the first issue – over 2,500 readers to date, and hope for continued interest in the project. Head over to our submissions page to read the particulars of when, where, and how to send us your poems and artwork.

spiral by grzesiek

spiral by grzesiek

The lovely and talented Dana Guthrie Martin has published a poem I wrote for her project, Shore Tags. The website, a blending of science, literature, and art, publishes poems and and articles that touch on the plight of hermit crabs and how they are having a tough time finding new shells to live in as they grow bigger.

There are so many social and spiritual parallels between humans and the other animals that inhabit the planet with us, but the little hermit crab is an especially endearing creature that has elicited some wonderful poems by children and adults alike. Dana has gathered all kinds of ideas involving shells, poems, photographs, links, and lesson plans for teachers.

Of course, Shore Tags is only one of Dana’s many projects. The latest one involves poetry, Seattle, and brothels. I’m not sure, but feather boas might be a part of this too.

10 thoughts on “looking for poems and art

  1. Jo says:

    Yes, it’s an exceptional piece, beautifully written. I love this spiral too. I’d like Dana to sprinkle some of her creative energy in an airmail envelope and send it this way, I don’t know how she does it.


  2. christine says:

    Michelle, hee, you found a little friend in the poem.
    Thanks everyone, for your compliments.

    Collin, isn’t that a great photo? I found it on Deviant Art – it’s under creative commons.

    Jo, I know, Dana is a marvel. She’s genius for thinking stuff up, and inspiring others to get on board.


  3. Julie says:

    Christine, your poem is beautiful! I’m so glad you posted this, because I wasn’t aware of Dana’s site. Yes, she is amazing and very inspiring, as are you:)

    It looks like you have come through blog-itis very well. You know I’m biased toward shore themes, but even if I weren’t, I would still love your poem.


  4. Dick says:

    Fabulous poem, Christine. So rich and abundant.

    Good luck with the next ‘Ouroboros’. The debut edition was excellent (even if I missed the bus first time around!)


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