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current show

On this page you will find information about DramaTech’s current major production. Information on past shows is also available.

Our current production is:

Twelfth Night

A young woman, Viola, is separated at sea from her beloved twin brother and tossed upon the shores of the magical kingdom of Illyria. She disguises herself as a man and is drafted by Duke Orsino to woo the stubborn Lady Olivia. Romantic havoc ensues when Olivia becomes smitten with Viola (dressed as a man) and Viola, in turn, falls for Orsino. A hilarious subplot involving Olivia’s hapless household makes Twelfth Night an enthralling comedy about illusion, deception, and the extraordinary things people do for love.


Busy this weekend? Don’t worry! Check out the upcoming section of the site for a guide to everything we’ve currently got planned.

Robert E. Wood is directing this Georgia Tech Production of Twelfth Night. Make your reservations now!

5 thoughts on “DramaTech Theater – Shows – Current

  1. Julie says:

    I couldn’t access the past link, but I could see the dramatech site. It looks awesome. I have a friend who will be in the area during those dates, and I passed the link on to her. Have a great time!


  2. christine says:

    Michelle, thanks for adding a link that works! I posted this through Posterous, and I guess the doohickey got discombobulated in the process 😛

    I have nothing to do with the production, except that the director is Bob Wood, our mutual friend from ouroboros. But I will be attending the production. I love plays!

    Julie, some day we need to get together, being in the same, sort of, neck of the woods.


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