From the Sound of It

Last week at Big Tent Deb suggested that we listen for a few words we liked and then think about building a poem around those words. The key concept was to listen to the sound.

After jotting down a few phrases that caught my attention, I realized how I don’t give sound enough care. I tend to be an abstract thinker, which is not very good for writing poetry. I listen to sounds, like blaring music, rushing wind, barking dogs, and children laughing, but when it comes to words, I often gloss over the way a particular word sounds. I read a lot, which is usually how interesting words present themselves to me, and I have long lists of lexicons from the page.

But my sound list is very short, and I did not write a poem with the words included. Maybe someday… . My list, generated at Wordle, is pasted below. I invite you to add to it in the comments section. Have you heard any interesting words or phrases lately?


If you want more words to inspire a poem, check out Big Tent again this week. They have a Wordle prompt up.