Fun stuff on the web

During January I get very sleepy, just like a possum or a bear. Three things help shake off the lethargy: creativity, laughter, and long walks in the sunshine. I can’t take you on a walk with me, but I can share a few things that might make you smile.

  • Do you admit to others that you watch American Idol? I won’t tell anyone, I promise. But you must go to Collin Kelley’s Modern Cofessional to read his ‘snark’ as he calls it, about last night’s program. Collin has a tradition of blogging about Idol, so stay tuned for his appraisals each week during the season.
  • I have a post up at Read Write Poem about how I began making video poems. There’s a link to a video I made for qarrtsiluni. Why not let a video poem be your next fun project? Or, I dare you to record yourself reading a poem, and post it to your blog. Hey, maybe I’ll do that. But first I need to get out of my bathrobe and go for a walk.
  • Do you prefer static images to write about? There’s an image prompt at Read Write Poem for you. We have everything you need for writing poems these days. One-stop poem shopping.
  • One of my favorite new sites is Postal Poetry. I usually submit one or two postcard poems a month to Dave and Dana, and they’ve been most gracious in publishing my wee lines. Here’s a link to the latest, called ‘The little robot that couldn’t.’ After you see the photo, you’ll understand how Dana’s friend Feldman inspired me to write.
  • This postcard poem below was too small for Postal to use (I took it with my cell phone), so I thought I’d post it here. The photo is a detail of of the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, by Jaume Plensa