Video poem

Video Poem from christine swint on Vimeo.

A poem I wrote for the theme of night found at John Siddique’s Guardian workshop. After I recorded the poem and exported the video I went back and changed some words, but here you have the basic foundation of the piece. The scenes are a combination of still shots and video. The video I shot myself. Except for the mosaic at the beginning, the still images are from stock.xchnge.

Atlanta Poets at Agave
Atlanta Poets at Agave from christine swint on Vimeo.

Attending were Collin Kelley, Cleo Creech (who made our chapbooks), Dustin Brookshire, Julie Bloemeke, Megan Volpert, Beth Gylys, and Rupert Fike.

Good Times in Atlanta. Thanks to Collin Kelley, I had another opportunity to meet with some fabulous poets, and I enjoyed a great meal to boot. My entrée was Crawfish Diablo Pasta, very spicy and delicious. I threw caution to the wind and had a margarita with José Cuervo reposado tequila. Yum!

Since I don’t get out of the ‘burbs too often, I was soaking up all the conversation and witty repartee. An all around fun evening.