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This is a found poem I wrote by collecting listicles over the last week or so. I limited myself to listcles that appeared in my Facebook or Twitter feeds. I did not read any of the articles. The only changes to the text that I made were making the capital letters of a headline lower case and writing out all numbers. I stopped collecting the headlines when I reached the footer of my word processing program.
I was tempted to add this last listicle I just found when I looked up the wiki link to “listicle,” but it would have meant breaking my rules for the poem, so I give it to you here: “Eleven reasons why we should still love listicles.”

Read about Karen Head's collaborative digital poetry project

Poet and editor Sam Rasnake has published Karen Head’s poetry project at his online poetry and art journal, Blue Fifth Review. Read the exquisite corpse poem, “Monumental,” which she directed from her perch atop the Fourth Plinth on Trafalgar Square in London. She also includes process notes about how she views art and collaboration.

I played a very small role in the project by writing one of the lines in the exquisite corpse poem. Even still, it was exciting to share in this digital experience. Although we each could hear Karen talking and see her in real time via the web cam, we communicated to her through twitter, sending her our lines after she wrote to tell us who was next. By the end of the hour, my T-shirt was damp with sweat, and I only had one line to write!

Charleston here I come!

My sis and I are going to the Charleston, SC for a week with our respective families, which means I probably won’t be posting here for a week (unless I get motivated to figure out how to use WordPress on my iPhone).

I will, however, continue to entertain you with my witty observations (she says tongue in cheek) on Twitter. If you look to the pink box to your left you will see my 140 character aphorisms.

OCHO#24 Twitter edition now live

On May 11 Collin Kelley wrote a post, Poets on Twitter , a response to a listing of writers on Twitter that failed to include poets. On May 11 over 4000 readers came to Collin’s site to check out his list, and those of us on it found our followers growing from double to triple digits. A flurry of activity and fun, and proof of the power of social networking sites. I’m a believer.

On May 12 publisher, poet, and visual artist Didi Menendez, together with Collin Kelley as guest editor, announced a call for submission for OCHO#24, Twitter poets edition.

And now it’s not even June, and we have a new, live issue. I’m happy to say my poem is included, on page 35. Thanks, Collin and Didi, for galvanizing this focus on Twitter poets, and for including my poem, ‘Antidepressants, Second Generation.’ (which is a bop, a form I learned from going to Cherryl Floyd-Miller’s reading, hosted by Collin Kelley!)

Deb Scott also has a poem in this issue, as does Ivy Alvarez, and many others. You can find the complete list of contributors on Collin’s post, Twitter Issue of OCHO online now!