Email the Obama Team to Voice Concerns about Rick Warren

Dear President-Elect Obama,

In your acceptance speech in Grant Park you included gays in your words of inclusion. I was filled with hope that our country was embarking on a new era.

Now that Rick Warren has been announced as the paster who is to give the invocation at your inaugural ceremony, the bloom is fast fading from my rose of hope. In Rick Warren’s interview with Ann Curry, he claimed that being gay is an impulse one must work to overcome, a mindset that is not only outdated and incorrect, it is bigoted. On Warren’s web site it clearly stated that gays are not allowed as members of his church.

Why has your team chosen a man of bigotry to seal your presidency in the name of God?

Our country needs to move toward ever-increasing freedoms, not pander to those who live in fear, ignorance, and hatred.

Please reconsider the choice of Rick Warren. There are other pastors who base their beliefs on love and compassion for all.

If you are inclined to voice your opinion about Barack Obama’s choice of pastor for his inauguration, you can go to the web site for the transition team and write a letter. Remember to write Rick Warren in the subject area.