Fun stuff on the web

During January I get very sleepy, just like a possum or a bear. Three things help shake off the lethargy: creativity, laughter, and long walks in the sunshine. I can’t take you on a walk with me, but I can share a few things that might make you smile.

  • Do you admit to others that you watch American Idol? I won’t tell anyone, I promise. But you must go to Collin Kelley’s Modern Cofessional to read his ‘snark’ as he calls it, about last night’s program. Collin has a tradition of blogging about Idol, so stay tuned for his appraisals each week during the season.
  • I have a post up at Read Write Poem about how I began making video poems. There’s a link to a video I made for qarrtsiluni. Why not let a video poem be your next fun project? Or, I dare you to record yourself reading a poem, and post it to your blog. Hey, maybe I’ll do that. But first I need to get out of my bathrobe and go for a walk.
  • Do you prefer static images to write about? There’s an image prompt at Read Write Poem for you. We have everything you need for writing poems these days. One-stop poem shopping.
  • One of my favorite new sites is Postal Poetry. I usually submit one or two postcard poems a month to Dave and Dana, and they’ve been most gracious in publishing my wee lines. Here’s a link to the latest, called ‘The little robot that couldn’t.’ After you see the photo, you’ll understand how Dana’s friend Feldman inspired me to write.
  • This postcard poem below was too small for Postal to use (I took it with my cell phone), so I thought I’d post it here. The photo is a detail of of the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, by Jaume Plensa

postal poetry's september contest

Here’s a link to another photo by Fernando Sousa, accompanied by my words. I called it, “rolling stones mouth,” after the eponymous magazine. Thanks to Dana and Dave, who, by publishing my postal poems, keep me motivated to do more writing.

There is an ongoing contest for October, this time featuring photos by Mikey G. Ottawa. Entries are due November 15. Be sure to read the submissions guidelines. One of the requirements is to write while wearing a feather boa.

postal poetry

Postal poetry has published a photo by Fernando Sousa entitled, “Aerosol Man,” accompanied by a short poem I wrote. Rethabile also wrote to this photo as part of postal poetry’s October contest.

Here’s a postcard poem I made the other day. It was a little too silly to send to postal poetry, but I’m going to post it here because I think we could all use some levity, in light of the global economy, war, vitriolic elections in the US, well, the list goes on.

The postcard is from a beach I visit every year with my family. The stickers are from the Pirates of the Caribbean series by Hallmark. If you like to talk like a pirate, and who doesn’t, go to the Original Talk Like a Pirate website. They have a translator link, and you can even send pirate-talk emails.