Some things I learned this April

Wow. I’m feeling a bit of heaviness settle in after the push to write thirty poems in thirty days. Hats off to anyone else who did it. Hooray! I’m cheering because it’s over, and because we accomplished our goal. Thanks to the all the crazy poetry ladies who handed out prompts with me at Read Write Poem. Phew.

But what came out of these so called poems I wrote? I started scrolling through them, seeing if I liked any of them enough to work on them and send them off into the world, but to be honest, they all read to me like a jumbled blur. I need some time to sit back and reflect, distance myself.

In the meantime, here’s my napowrimo post mortem:

  1. I don’t like writing to other people’s prompts unless it suits me. This month I obliged myself to address each of the PAD prompts, and it was hard. It was like school. Homework, albeit fun homework.
  2. When I try to write a poem every day I lose my sense of the normal flow of time, or clock time. Where did April go? I’m still in myth land.
  3. I missed writing to my inner sense of what is important to me now, although I did manage to squeeze in a few of those ‘close to the soul’ poems.
  4. From now on I won’t be posting many brand new poems. It’s like going to the supermarket in my pajamas, I feel so exposed.
  5. There are several short stories gathering dust on my desktop. I’m going to work on them for a few days until those crazy poems stop vibrating in my head.