Poemocracy and Audible Edible Poetry

Poems read by the author are the best, especially when the poet reads well, as Evan J Peterson does. You can hear him on his MySpace page, Audible Edible Poetry. Peterson has a great sense of humor, and does satire very well. Listen to his Garlic Poisoning, you’ll love it.

His blog is called Poemocracy, and has links to several online literary magazines where he has been published, including this gem on qarrtsiluni, clay.

Peterson describes his parents as hippies, which makes me laugh, as I think my son, who is 18, would probably say the same thing about me. I missed the true hippie generation, since I was a teen in the late seventies, but the atmosphere was all around us. We all wanted to live in a commune, but by the time we were old enough to do it, most had shut down due to lack of money or rampant hepatitis. Still, in Athens, GA we had events like the Wintersville Art Equinox Happening. Close enough to a commune-like environment, I suppose.