News about poet Michelle McGrane

For those of you not yet acquainted with the talented and lovely poet Michelle McGrane, there’s an interview with her on the blog 100 Readers, by Fiona Robyn.

Fiona’s new novel, The Blue Handbag, is due to be released in August of this year. On her blog she’s interviewing those who have read advanced copies of the book, which will be available on Amazon.

Many of you know that Pindrop Press has the honor of publishing Michelle’s next collection. Her book, The Suitable Girl, and will be Pindrop’s inaugural title. Michelle is also the featured poet in the second issue of ouroboros review, and has three poems included in our upcoming issue.

Michelle McGrane’s poems are a blend of sensuality, imagination,myth, and gritty reality. Spellbinding is an adjective that comes to my mind. She is more than an avid reader, and it shows in her poems, which are eclectic and reflect her wide-ranging interests. Michelle is a perfect example of someone who has read 100 books before she writes her own, and I respect her for it. It shows in her poems.

Round-up of thoughts

  • Peace to my blogging friends in Mumbai. The world is wishing you well–we’re all in it together.
  • For those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving, and to everyone else, I hope you have a delightful Thursday. Thursdays are usually good days. If I stay out late on a Thursday night, no matter, the weekend is just around the corner.
  • Fiona Robyn has placed one of my little stones on her site, A Handful of Stones. Thank you, Fiona!
  • Get Your Poem On is ready at Read Write Poem. Even if you didn’t write to their prompt, go ahead and link a poem. You never know what interesting people might come to your site to read your work
  • I have a post titled, “what’s up with words?” at Read Write Poem you might like, with some links to interesting sites about language.