Woman in Evening Dress and Crows

Today is day six (for me) of the Poetry Postcard Project. I wrote in response to a poem by Lucia Perillo titled ‘The Crows Start Demanding Royalties,’ from her collection Luck is Luck. The poem was sent to me by my Poetry Swap partner, a pen-pal activity Dustin Brookshire has created. Thanks to my new friend from the great state of Washington for sharing such an amazing poem! Lucia Perillo is the recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant, and it shows. Her poems are witty, insightful, and way beyond my meager capabilities. But I keep trying, because writing poems is fun. Especially poems about crows.

Why the evening gown? My postcard shows a fashion model wearing a long gown, running across a city street. It’s sort of about crows, sort of about women and what they wear.

This Crow is not a Fashion Model
in response to Lucia Perillo

This crow doesn’t traipse across Manhattan streets wearing a strapless taffeta gown designed by Vera Wang, nor does she wear Manolo Blahnik stilettos. This crow sports wooden shoes painted blood red, black jeans and a sooty vest. This crow stains her feathers the color of shoe-polish and cakes it with bee’s wax to spike it in a Mohawk. This crow dances the Merengue in a circle with the others from her murder. They flap their wings in a herky-jerky manner and step on each others’ toes when they hop step to the left or the right. Such lack of grace prompts piercing screeches from the murder. This crow does not eat salads.

Dustin Brookshire's Queens of Poetry

The talented and energetic Dustin Brookshire has recently announced a new anthology he is editing and publishing.

Queens of Poetry: A Tribute to Bosselaar, Duhamel, Laux, and Wier is an anthology under production by poet and editor Dustin Brookshire. Queens of Poetry is split into four sections– one for each poet. Each section will contain poems written by fans, a question & answer portion, and a poem or two from the “queen” of the section.

If you are interested in submitting a poem to the anthology (in honor of your favorite queen) check out Dustin Brookshire’s submission’s page on the new site for the project, Queens of Poetry.

Dustin Brookshire and Limp Wrist Present

Project Verse! Dustin Brookshire, Atlanta writer, editor, and publisher, author of I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin and Editor/Publisher of Limp Wrist is hosting a poetry contest.

Can you write under pressure without breaking a sweat?
Always telling friends that writing a crown of heroic sonnets is a cinch?
Do you dream of perfect line breaks?
If you think you’ve got the write moves, I’ve got the poetry competition for you.

Head over to I Was Born Doing Reference Work In Sin to read the contest guidelines. The prizes to the winning poet are very generous – a chapbook published by Limp Wrist, writing time at a retreat center, plus an interview on a radio show. But more than anything, you’ll have the chance to do a lot of writing, and have your work read by some experienced poets, including Dana Guthrie Martin and Beth Gylys.

Jo Hemmant and I have a small but exciting part to play in this fabulous literary extravaganza – we will write a review of the resulting chapbook in our magazine, ouroboros review.

Dustin Brookshire has a lot of energy and a true passion for poetry. When you read the guidelines for the contest you’ll see how much work he has put into organizing and gathering all the threads to bring about Project Verse. After you read the contest guidelines, be sure to check out his web site, Limp Wrist. There’s a great interview with Denise Duhamel that’s currently up.