OCHO#24 Twitter edition now live

On May 11 Collin Kelley wrote a post, Poets on Twitter , a response to a Mashable.com listing of writers on Twitter that failed to include poets. On May 11 over 4000 readers came to Collin’s site to check out his list, and those of us on it found our followers growing from double to triple digits. A flurry of activity and fun, and proof of the power of social networking sites. I’m a believer.

On May 12 publisher, poet, and visual artist Didi Menendez, together with Collin Kelley as guest editor, announced a call for submission for OCHO#24, Twitter poets edition.

And now it’s not even June, and we have a new, live issue. I’m happy to say my poem is included, on page 35. Thanks, Collin and Didi, for galvanizing this focus on Twitter poets, and for including my poem, ‘Antidepressants, Second Generation.’ (which is a bop, a form I learned from going to Cherryl Floyd-Miller’s reading, hosted by Collin Kelley!)

Deb Scott also has a poem in this issue, as does Ivy Alvarez, and many others. You can find the complete list of contributors on Collin’s post, Twitter Issue of OCHO online now!