Qarrtsiluni mutates the signature

If you haven’t been reading Qarrtsiluni’s latest edition, Mutating the Signature, you’re missing out on a revolution sweeping poetry on the web. Editors Dana Guthrie Martin and Nathan Moore have assembled an inspired group of poems, songs, visual art, video, and recordings, all created in collaboration. Each piece has multiple authors, and comes with process notes that reveal the inner workings of multiple minds.

Guthrie Martin is also the founding member of The Poetry Collaborative, where several poets, including Moore, work together to write, often revising in plain view. They’ve even been known to write their poems on places like twitter and facebook.

Dave Bonta, managing editor and co-founder of Qarrtsiluni, is a pioneer in sharing creative writing on the web. His journal is one of the few that publishes author recordings of most of the poems and short stories on the site. It comes as no surprise that he would be one of the first editors to publish an entire edition devoted entirely to collaborative works.

postal poetry's september contest

Here’s a link to another photo by Fernando Sousa, accompanied by my words. I called it, “rolling stones mouth,” after the eponymous magazine. Thanks to Dana and Dave, who, by publishing my postal poems, keep me motivated to do more writing.

There is an ongoing contest for October, this time featuring photos by Mikey G. Ottawa. Entries are due November 15. Be sure to read the submissions guidelines. One of the requirements is to write while wearing a feather boa.

a response poem

Dear Jo,

A poet from Spain once told me
he never saw any people in our
suburban county town. “You keep
to your colonies like ants, leave
your pods only when encased in a shell.”

I know a boy who stares other drivers
in the eye when he stops his car
at a red light. “I have an intrusive
personality,” he says, “I feel
compelled to make my presence known.”

On warm Madrid evenings families
gather in the plaza to sip tinto
de verano
, admire strolling youth,
listen to street musicians. Parents
gossip while children kick a soccer ball
in front of an ancient church.

Are we strangers, we who circumnavigate
space together on the same wheel of time?



This poem is a response to Jo Hemmant’s poem “close,” found on her blog, florescence. Dave Bonta, author of via negativa, has been writing several of these response poems over the last month. It’s a great way to acknowledge another writer, and to carry on the thoughts and feelings generated in the piece.