April poems, thirteen out of fourteen

Iā€™m a three-speed Schwinn

And you are an Aston Martin, midnight blue,
on a solo cruise down the Autobahn,

your speed so crazy cliffs, trees, stars and moon
whip together in a frenzied banner
brushing your sleek lines.

Have you forgotten what the sky
looks like, even when your top is down?

When was the last time you stopped
to give someone a ride?

As the sun rises from a patch of spring violets,
you close your eyes in a darkened garage
and your engine no longer vibrates.

I bring up the rear, pushing my pedals on the open road
until my heart frays ā€“ tiny, untouchable threads.


I have to write one more poem or at least a rough draft (and really they are all drafts, at this point) to catch up with the pace of April poems. And I really feel like the bicycle in this poem ā€“ my energy is flagging a tad bit. It’s hard to churn out a poem to a specific prompt. But at the same time, I’m a ‘good student’ type, and if someone gives me an assignment I can generally rise to the challenge. So at least I’m writing.

This poem is based on a prompt I wrote for Read Write Poem about cars. Which means I’m writing to my own prompt. Student and teacher in one. I also included it in the Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge in the category of objects.