Wind and Waves

Today is our last full day at Folly Beach in South Carolina. The wind is strong, and the waves are breaking at a perpendicular angle to the shore.

I saw two guys wind surfing on boards that looked like snowboards. They were riding the waves all the way down miles of beach, at times shooting up twenty feet in the air. The upper body strenghth it must have taken to hold onto that parachute sail… .

My son and his friend walked out into the surf, and the current took them down about five hundred feet. They kept getting out of the water and walking up the beach and swimming down current, as if it were a river.

Family and art at the beach

Night falls at the pier

Night falls at the pier

Spending a few days at the beach with my sister and her daughter was a welcome change from the ordinary, and it was also nice to see my husband, my son and his friends have a good time there. The boys bought a raft and a pirate’s flag to ride the waves, while the three adults took care of the three-year old. It can take that many sometimes… .

My sister is a single mom who does an amazing job with her daughter – so much patience and attention, which is what children need and deserve. In addition to being a skilled parent, she’s also an incredible artist. She can do it all really, sculpture, portraits, lithographs, but her specialty is 3-D animation with a focus in mat painting and landscapes. While we were at the beach she had one chance to go out to a pier to paint. Lately she has been interested in plein-air painting, and keeps a portable easel and paint set in the trunk of her car. This time she painted a tree with a view of the marsh in the distance.

Here’s a link to my sis’s website, which showcases some of her landscape paintings. Can you tell how proud I am of her?

If you’re interested in plein-air, here’s a link to the Plein-air Painters of America.