Video poem

Video Poem from christine swint on Vimeo.

A poem I wrote for the theme of night found at John Siddique’s Guardian workshop. After I recorded the poem and exported the video I went back and changed some words, but here you have the basic foundation of the piece. The scenes are a combination of still shots and video. The video I shot myself. Except for the mosaic at the beginning, the still images are from stock.xchnge.

Video poems have a new gallery on the web

Thanks to poet, essayist, and photographer Dave Bonta, (Via Negativa) there is now a growing collection of spoken and animated poetry on his new site, Moving Poems. Some of the videos are interpretations of poets reading their work, as in Sylvia Plath’s reading of her poem Daddy.

Other videos are the poet’s visual representations of their own work, as in Ren Powell’s Miss Dix Opens a School for the Indigent, a beautiful poem read by the poet, illustrated with stunning animation and photography. (I’d really like to know how she made this one! Care to reveal your secrets, Ren?)

As the founding editor and managing editor of the literary magazine Qarrtsiluni, Dave Bonta has already been collecting and publishing original video. And on his own blog, Via Negativa, he has posted his original video poems, which are delightful. The one I’ve embedded here from Vimeo is one of my favorites, and I think it belongs on Moving Poems, whose tag line is an on-going compendium of the best video poetry from around the web’

The Good Question from Dave Bonta on Vimeo.

The list of video poems on Moving Poems will provide you with hours of entertainment and inspiration. I’ve only looked at four or five of the videos so far, but plan to view them all as we enter the summer months.

Atlanta Poets at Agave
Atlanta Poets at Agave from christine swint on Vimeo.

Attending were Collin Kelley, Cleo Creech (who made our chapbooks), Dustin Brookshire, Julie Bloemeke, Megan Volpert, Beth Gylys, and Rupert Fike.

Good Times in Atlanta. Thanks to Collin Kelley, I had another opportunity to meet with some fabulous poets, and I enjoyed a great meal to boot. My entrée was Crawfish Diablo Pasta, very spicy and delicious. I threw caution to the wind and had a margarita with José Cuervo reposado tequila. Yum!

Since I don’t get out of the ‘burbs too often, I was soaking up all the conversation and witty repartee. An all around fun evening.

A New Trailer for Conquering Venus

Collin Kelley has just released a new trailer for his forthcoming novel, Conquering Venus. Go have a look, it’s sure to rev your reading engines.

I love video poems, and that’s what Collin’s producer has created. The soundtrack, which wonderfully recreates the mood of the novel, is by Vanessa Daou, from her new album, Joe Sent Me. Vanessa Daou’s work is mentioned in the novel, so having her song as the soundtrack for the video makes for a fitting connection.

A Dinner with Poets
Southern Poets Dinner plus Scenes around Atlanta from christine swint on Vimeo.

Dinner with poets at the Colonnade, plus other Atlanta landmarks.

What wonderful dinner companions, and such a nice location in Atlanta, the Colonnade, known for its southern cuisine. I met up with Collin Kelley, Karen Head, Julie Bloemeke and Dustin Brookshire, all of whom have or have had poems in ouroboros review. Poet Rupert Fike was also there, as well as Cleo Creech and Chelsea Rathburn.

Thanks to Collin Kelley, who organized us and chose the location for our gathering. It was a big thrill for me to be included. I’ve only been writing poetry for publication for a year and a half, and it still seems like beautiful dream to be a part of the world of poets.

Dustin has asked all the poets in attendance to share a poem in the comments section of his blog. Cleo Creech wrote one just last night, inspired by the restaurant. His poem does a wonderful job entering into the atmosphere of a southern restaurant, and the life of a waitress. And Collin Kelley has shared a pithy, vivid poem about rain, travel, and umbrellas. I think he want to return to England.

I needed this outing at the restaurant. After all the hard work Jo and I did trying to get the magazine launched, our server was barraged with a DDos attack, and the site went down for over 24 hours. If you haven’t had a chance to read issue 2, please go have a look. It’s stunning, even if I do say so myself. Thank you, Jo, for all your energy and savvy.

Here’s the poem I shared with Dustin. It’s a re-write of one I wrote last spring.

If Ophelia were from Georgia

It might have happened like this,
that she does a drunken electric slide
down the hill till she reaches
the creek’s edge, wedges a sneaker
into a dogwood’s vee,
hoists herself onto a limb.
Filches buds to weave a garland,
scoots across knotted bark,
cracks off twigs as she seesaws
toward the water.

I swear, that man’s a dog, she drones
and tries to pin down
her reflection in eddies
dark from silt and rain.
Who the hell is he to tell me
to straighten up?

And then the branch snaps ¬
she drops into the creek.

Serene in the whirlpool,
gazing at a hazy sky,
she sings herself to sleep.
White petals snow
on a bed of pine needles
the day they find her body.