An Artist Needs Compassion

A staple gun, a dowel, wood glue, nails, a long handled wrench, a hammer, barbed wire clipped from an abandoned shed, a pencil, a Sharpie, a saw, tools he has strewn on a lace table cloth.

He wears a beanie to keep his long hair out of his eyes. He sings in a loud voice while he works. My son is building a tripod where he will hang a clay head he has sculpted. Last night I dreamed about my friend whose son died in his sleep when he was 17. A true story. Freeboarder graduates from high school in May.

He started a new painting tonight. He asked if Aurelia could stay with us because she’s sleeping in her car, and I said she could, even though I’d rather not have her here. He’s teaching me to sand my sharp edges.

Watching Night Fall

Watching Night Fall on New Year’s Day

The sun sets like a dull penny, day’s final final push against the rain. A pot simmers, black-eyed peas and greens, and the savory smells of good luck and money fill the house. The Christmas tree in the neighbor’s window lights up. It was a quiet day. I blame my tears on the rain. Amber lamp light, reflected in the glass, soothes me.

Icicle Stones

We walked around the outdoor mall today with my five-year-old niece. Since I have two boys, I rarely get to shop at frou-frou  places like Justice, a store that sells frilly skirts, lacy T-shirts,  ribbons, and, as my niece pointed out, bras for teenagers!

Shopping holds little allure for me, but it was fun to see my niece so thrilled to be in a big girl store.

I bought her a lamb called “Wooly” and a collection of glitter  bath sprays that smell like cup cakes and cotton candy. Yum!

My sister, an artist, pointed out the icicles in the fountain, which is shaped like an octagon.

The blue and white ice in the afternoon light makes me think of hope and fresh life. (River of Stones, December 28)

Grocery Stone

Weaving down aisles,
I bump carts with women
who wear framed glasses
that remind me of my own,
and I wonder if they stay up
late like me, reading poetry,
jotting down dreams.