NaPoWriMo Day 1!

Today I’m  continuing the pattern I set up earlier, where I follow this rhyme scheme: ABACCBCA. I’m using near or slant rhyme in many lines. Go to this link to read the entire prompt and the first two stanzas: Getting Ready For April and National Poetry Month.


On the side of the path a pony skull
Picked clean as a bleached sheet
Sinks into the grass, eyes dull.
On the hill they prance and bleat,
Unaware they are alive only to be killed–
Viand de cheval, a delicacy in this ville.
For dinner we ate small pieces of duck’s meat,
but didn’t imagine it swimming, alive, whole.

2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 1!

  1. hazedandglazed says:

    so you are back
    good to see
    you are on track
    where will this journey take you?
    possibly a trek to katmandu…
    i will be watching from the sidelines sipping earl grey tea
    please remember to pack the emu
    keep opening the door, if only a crack.

    The exercise you have chosen is quite a challenge. Your writings are impressive and intriguing. It is fun being along for the ride. Those horses are pretty.


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