After walking every day for a month and a half, I must admit I am addicted to the movement. I’ve never felt so good in my life. Spending at least eight hours a day outdoors, moving at a vigorous but not taxing pace, was and is the medicine I need.

Today in Georgia it’s raining with some thunder and lightning, and I’m feeling a bit antsy from staying indoors. The sky is dark, and I’m missing the freedom I feel from being outdoors. What would I do now if I were still on the Camino? I’d put on a rain poncho and keep walking.

One of the lessons I am learning from the Camino is that the Way doesn’t end, it only changes. It’s time to put on my boots and live the Camino as it manifests itself where I happen to be right now–in a semi tropical rain forest filled with tree frogs, cicadas, goldfinch, and chickadees.

These little birds congregate in my front yard because of my husband’s new bird feeder. He watches them through his office window. He invites the Camino to his front door, a different way.

Trees surrounding my back porch.

Trees surrounding my back porch.

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