Last Day in Spain

My last big meal in Spain for 2015: salad with cheese, walnuts, and tomatoes; octopus with spicy potatoes; white wine; Santiago tart (a wedge of almond pastry topped with powdered sugar). 

I would be in heaven if I had a place to take the siesta, but I don’t. I’m taking the night train to Madrid and will have to wait around this beautiful city of Compostela until evening. 

Compostela, field of stars.  


4 thoughts on “Last Day in Spain

  1. Elissa | Sometimes She Travels says:

    Oh, your last meal in Santiago sounds so much better than mine was. I ordered grilled sole but got fried sole, lol.

    I’m curious to hear how you felt about taking the night train to Madrid. This year, I opted to take a night bus from Santiago to Madrid-Barajas airport rather than getting a hotel in Madrid and going to the airport the next day and I found that the added travel time had really done me in by the time I reached my home in California (something like 36 hours traveling). It’s taken me much longer to recuperate than it did last year.


    • Christine says:

      Elissa, I can’t say if taking the night train was better or worse since it had been ten years since my last trip to Europe. I’m a lot older now, and all I can say is that it took me about five days to adjust to the time change. I liked the novelty of being able to sleep in the train and take a shower in the morning. I had to spend the extra money for a private compartment because the shared cars were full. It was strange to fall asleep to the jostling wheels rolling down the tracks, but I did sleep.

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