Day 13, Villafranca to Atapuercos

Today I’m staying in Atapuerca, a town where human bones have been found that are 1.7 million years old. According to what they have found, the hominids who lived here were cannibals. As a Swiss man said to me, I guess there were no panaderías (bakeries) for them. If you get hungry, what are you going to do?

The walk today went through the Sierra de la Demanda, a forest full of wild flowers and ancient oaks. The soil here is red, and for a little while I felt like I was back in Georgia walking near Kennesaw.

Even though I love the walking, being away from home this long is teaching me more than ever to appreciate where I live. Of course I miss my family. I think about them while I’m walking and send them love and positive thoughts.

Every time we go to a new town, stop at a cafe, or visit a church, we get a stamp on our pilgrim’s passport. It’s a bit like collecting Pokemon cards.


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