My Beloved Child

Tara Brach, in her book Radical Acceptance, quotes the following prayer by Indian sage Swami Kripalu, who is also known as the Beloved Bapuji.

Leslie, the Tuesday morning yoga instructor at Yoga Great Barrington, read the prayer to us at the end of class when we were in savasana, and it brought tears to my eyes, not for myself exactly, but for all the young people getting ready to start their new school year.

My beloved child,
Break your heart no longer
Each time you judge yourself
you break your own heart
You stop feeding on the love which is
The wellspring of your own vitality
The time has come,
Your time
To live, to celebrate, to see
The goodness that you are…
Let no one,
No thing or ideal or idea obstruct you
If one comes, even in the name of “Truth,”
Forgive it for its unknowing
Do not fight
Let go
And breathe into
The goodness that you are.


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