Tears Ran like Animals

“Tears ran like animals” comes from a line in Henri Cole’s collection Touch. The metaphor works well to describe the effect this collection has made on me.

I am filled with up with the suffering expressed through the words. And lines like this one only make the loss and pain more penetrating:

“We only have a little time, darling. Let’s read
swim, and sleep in each other’s arms.”

Cole begins with poems about the life, illness and death of his mother, but he also explores, as if in solitary thought, suicide, sexuality, failure, family expectations, war, and capital punishment, not in the abstract, but rather through the observation of specific lives, events, and nature.

Most of the poems are blank verse sonnets that flow as if the reader had gained access to the thoughts of a passerby. Meditative, touching, Cole reveals the secret histories that drive our lives.


One thought on “Tears Ran like Animals

  1. Lisa Nanette Allender says:

    Hi Christine spent a lot of today on FB, sadder than sad and somehow I knew if I came to your blog I’d see comfort in your words….it’s synchronicity isn’t it, that your mini-review of this book reflects much of what is on my mind…and in America’s heart, tonight….prayers to Colorado….thanks Christine…


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