Free Association on Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Happy, sad, happy, joy, content, bliss, blissful, happiness, peace, fulfillment, content, calm, floating, warm ocean, warm seas, dogs, cuddles, hugs, nice, niceness, hot coffee, sunny days, long walks, bright scarves, a painting, a drawing, a poem, sitting still, breathing quietly, enjoying the breath, colors, purple, red, yellow, green, indigo, plum, cyan, chestnut, roan, horses, palominos, Appaloosas, black stallions, a brindled mare, long manes, feathered tails, horses galloping across sand dunes at sunrise, Red’s mouth and gummy lips, Duffy’s domed forehead, talking to Jacob about philosophy, talking to Aiden about art, listening to S. talk about politics, playing solitaire, writing in my journal, reading memoirs, reading biographies of other writers, visiting writers’ homes, finding legends that pique my imagination, getting lost in a good book, remembering the beach in Mexico.


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