Fountain of Youth

I propose a euphemism for “anti-aging” products: “youth enhancing.” A gorgeous 21-year-old at Origins was trying to huckster her old lady serums, but I told her they don’t work and that I’m proof thereof.

She said I was entitled to my personal opinion. I should have told her the tanning bed she seems to frequent would one day turn her skin to beef jerky no matter what lotions she applies.

But that would have been mean. I know she was just trying to make a sale. I bought the nighttime cold cream and a cleanser, and spent more that the total of my gift card, but I refused to give in to her pitch about wrinkles. Didn’t George Orwell say “At fifty, everyone gets the face he [or she] deserves?


3 thoughts on “Fountain of Youth

  1. Lisa Nanette Allender says:

    In defense of Origins’ products:their “Plantscription” Serum is pretty awesome. 😀
    I love your suggestion, Christine Swint, for the term, “Youth-Enhancing”.I say “Anti-Aging” is just plain wrong: we’re all PRO-aging, if we wantto LIVE, correct??


    • Christine says:

      Lisa, I love many Origins products, especially their nighttime lotion and their cosmetics. I also enjoy their hand and body llotions that smell like ginger and lemon.


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