Skipping Stones Into the River

My first small stone has the moon in it! From a certain perspective, the moon really is a very tiny stone, and from where I stand, it looks quite polished.

A River of Stones is a daily writing project for the month of January, started by Fiona Robyn and her partner, Kaspalita.  Fiona said their site has received over 5,000 hits today alone.  Although the project officially begins after the New Year,  I’m starting now because I’m hoping these small stones will inspire some new poems. At the very least I’ll reignite (I want to say “rekindle,” but “kindle” has been over exposed lately) my daily writing practice.


Driving Down Johnson’s Ferry Rd.

On the way home from yoga,
I see the almost-full moon
above a strip mall. Telephone
poles and pines are in dark relief
against a stripe of orange sky.
Tonight the trees’ black branches
seem to shepherd the sun past the hills.

December 19



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