From Poetry to Postal

It’s impossible to pigeonhole renaissance man Dave Bonta. Poet, essayist, naturalist, photographer, and editor of qartsilunni are just a few of the hats he wears.

In January 2010, Phoenecia Publishing (Montreal) released  his first printed collection of poetry, Odes to Tools. I say first printed collection, because Bonta shares many of his poems online at his long standing blog, Via Negativa, where he also highlights the literary endeavors of his fellow bloggers under the heading “Smorgasblog.” We love it when our work appears on Dave’s column–it calls for a Snoopy dance, or at least a tweet!

Bonta is a web-based curator of literary arts. He collects video poems at his website, Moving Poems, and he manages a related forum where video poem enthusiasts can share their finds on the web.

And now his latest project is up and running, Postal Poetry, an incarnation of a photography and poetry e-zine that he and Dana Guthrie Martin started in 2008.

Dave published seven of my postcard poems between 2008 and 2009– I’m grateful to Dave for gathering these poems together again in such a beautiful layout. The poems were fun to create, especially the ones I wrote to quirky photos Dave and Dana chose for the contests they sponsored.

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