Painting on the Porch

Freeboarder, back from the beach, has resumed painting on the porch. Right now he’s listening to the Flaming Lips while rendering an image from a dream he had about “the great god of nature.”

I’ve spent the morning reading and shopping online for a used canoe. We didn’t join a community pool this year, so I’m thinking about taking advantage of the nearby river and lake for some outdoor fun.

3 thoughts on “Painting on the Porch

  1. naquillity says:

    Freeboarder’s painting is off to a great start. and, good luck with your canoe hunting. hope you get a good price on one so you can enjoy the river and lake. have a great day.


  2. Julie says:

    The pictures are awesome. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, right? I know that’s corny. I just had to say it:) But I do love the pictures. Maybe he can post his work on a blog sometime. I’d love to see it all.

    You’ll enjoy the canoe a lot. It’s the only thing my husband and I refused to sell when the Recession bit us in the ass. Last night, we were out on the river until two in the morning. It was amazing.

    Have a beautiful day, Christine!


  3. odessa says:

    wow, these pictures are great christine! love the light..and how cool is your porch with its view of the woods? i imagine you doing yoga sun salutations there.

    p.s. i was on the same page as julie. i immediately thought of “a portrait of the artist as a young man” when i saw the first pic 🙂


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