Wind and Waves

Today is our last full day at Folly Beach in South Carolina. The wind is strong, and the waves are breaking at a perpendicular angle to the shore.

I saw two guys wind surfing on boards that looked like snowboards. They were riding the waves all the way down miles of beach, at times shooting up twenty feet in the air. The upper body strenghth it must have taken to hold onto that parachute sail… .

My son and his friend walked out into the surf, and the current took them down about five hundred feet. They kept getting out of the water and walking up the beach and swimming down current, as if it were a river.

One thought on “Wind and Waves

  1. naquillity says:

    sounds like fun all around. i think wind sailing would be great fun but i’m not sure i’d have the strength needed these days to hold on, lol. the water looks nice and cool. have a wonderful time and safe trip back.


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