Dog Days Already

A group of poets gathered in the city to celebrate the birthday of our friend Julie, a very fine writer and a sincere, authentic person. But I ended up having to miss the event at the last minute from feeling washed out. I have a tendency to overextend myself –I don’t like to miss out on celebrations, and Julie’s birthday was special. Not only does she write beautiful poetry, she also supports other poets. Plus she knows how to hold up her end of the conversation.

The night before I had given a party for two women I’ve known for years who recently retired from teaching.  As the rain tore through the leaves, we sat on my back porch. Because we were all teachers, the current fate of public education in our state was high on the list of discussion topics. And we talked about our children, recent events in our lives, and books we’ve read. When it got dark I lit tea candles in colored glass holders.

My son’s friend is staying with us for ten days while his parents are in Australia, and we also have his two dogs with us, along with our dog, Duffy. Every time one of my guests came up the front stairs for the party, all three animals would go wild with different pitches of barks and whines. I love dogs, but the bark fest is starting to take its toll.

I’m one of those uber-sensitive types, and even faintly loud noises get on my nerves.  Aldous and Hailey, the two doggie visitors, don’t know what to make of their human hotel, and the three canines are sort of at odds with each other’s company. Duffy wants to be the alpha dog, but the poor thing is way too submissive. Aldous, the biggest and oldest, has taken her spot under the dinner table during meals.

Being with old friends is comforting, but I do want to continue meeting up with all my new poetry pals. Next time, I hope. After the dogs go home.

7 thoughts on “Dog Days Already

  1. naquillity says:

    good morning Christine~ sorry you missed your friend’s party i’m sure you would have enjoyed it. equally sorry for the new dogs staying for awhile. i know that must be difficult taking care of three dogs now. sounds like you had a nice visit with your friends on the back porch though. and that photo is beautiful. have a great day.


  2. Deb says:

    You’re a good friend & mom! I understand about the sound sensitivity — that barking would be hard to take, as much as I love critters. Poor Duffy, it’s hard to be alpha when you’re not. I can feel the anticipated relief mounting.

    Lovely to read you, see those gorgeous flowers (you are a flower, too). xxoo


  3. odessa says:

    hi christine!
    i hear you about overextending..i tend to do that too and end up feeling so exhausted later. i have tactile sensitivities myself and can only tolerate being around animals in small doses, so I can only imagine how it is to be around 3 dogs..that will probably drive me crazy! you are such a good friend and mom..take care, xoxo.


  4. Julie says:

    I understand what you mean about overextending. I do that, too. I wonder if it’s a female thing? Every woman I know overextends to the point of exhaustion, though I don’t mean to generalize about our entire sex. Maybe men do it, too.

    I’m sure your new poetry friends understand, though. You’re such a sweet person with a heart of gold! I hope you get some time off in the summer to just relax and recharge your batteries.


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