Write Your Thesis in One Word

Poet, writer, educator, and blogger Jessica Fox-Wilson has a reflective fin de siecle post on her blog, Everything Feeds Process. The post is titled “The Monster Year-End Wrap Up & New Year’s Goals.”


In the post she mentions another blog with a great concept, called One Little Word, by Ali Edwards, a writer and scrapbook maker. The idea is to come up with a theme word, and to create something based around that word for 365 days.

Go to Ali Edward’s blog to find out her word for 2010:

Jessica participated last year with the word “essential.” If you read her post you’ll see how she implemented this word in her life.

My word, which I think chose me, is MYTH.

4 thoughts on “Write Your Thesis in One Word

  1. deb says:

    Oh, what a wonderful, thick and rich word.

    I’ve been reading and thinking about Jessica’s blog post, too…

    Hope you are getting some well-deserved refreshing during your break. Joy and enjoyment to you!


  2. Julie says:

    Oh, I love your word! I love myths and even the way the word sounds. This is such a good idea. Thanks for the links. I enjoyed reading the posts.

    Being the neurotic that I am, I have to analyze it endlessly before I can come up with my word for sure. Maybe neurosis should be my word? Haha!

    But on a more serious note, the word “overcome” keeps speaking to me.

    I look forward to seeing what your word will inspire this year. Happy New Year, Christine! It has been a pleasure to know you, sis. I hope your year is filled with many good moments.


  3. christine says:

    Hey, I hope you guys participate, too! Deb, “myth” is weighty, isn’t it? Julie, after I posted this I read how much you love myths on your post about Amber’s new TV show. “Overcome” has a good, strong sound to it. Happy New Year, friends!


  4. holly d says:

    “Light” is the word that came up for me. I have been trying to get out of the darkness anyway, and since I’ve been focusing on my spiritual life lately, that idea seems very appropriate.


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