Mythy Mind

My word for 2010 is myth. I’m hoping to delve into any kind of myth, to create and re-create my own tales, poems, and videos. An exploration of myths goes along well with dream studies, symbolism, archetypes, folktales, fairy tales, songs, and poetry. I’m also interested in personal mythologies and urban myths.

The word came to me while I was folding clothes. Isn’t that the way it usually happens? While we do a repetitive action, like making the bed or washing the dishes, stuff bubbles up.

Thanks to Jessica-Fox Wilson for introducing me to this project, One Little Word, by Alie Edwards.

The collage at the top of the page is my first nod to myth. I scanned old magazines while looking for anything that reminded me of myth, and ended up with lots of circles and ovals. I connected them with lines, as if they were balloons, and added a stamped spiral for the fun of it. The background is a recycled grocery bag.

Sometimes I make collages as a way to get back into my creative space. It’s relaxing and meditative, plus it opens the door for writing.

6 thoughts on “Mythy Mind

  1. Dick says:

    For a powerful sense of myth within life and art, read A.S. Byatt’s latest novel ‘The Children’s Book’. I’m two-thirds of the way through and wondering already what I’m going to find to read next!


  2. Julie says:

    Your collage is beautiful, Christine! It reminds me of how myths are generational (circular), and the stories connect people together. The recycled grocery bag is a perfect touch. I’m impressed that you have already begun your journey with your word in such a wonderful way.


  3. Crafty Green poet says:

    Your collages are lovely, I like that the background is a recycled grocery bag! I agree, collage is such a great way to explore creative ideas and get back into creative space. Myth is also a wonderful thing to be exploring…


  4. holly d says:

    These are great! I think I told you I love doing collages too. I’ve been doing them lately as gifts. I’d love to hang out and “collage” with you. I wanted to use it as a verb. 🙂


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