Christmas Tree Angel

An angel from the sixties. My mom used to have her on our tree when I was a child. She gave her to me, and then my boys took turns throughout the years placing her on top of our tree. This year the honor reverted back to me! She’s a kitschy little gal–gotta love her choker and pipe cleaner arms, the gossamer cape and glitter evening gown.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Angel

  1. holly d says:

    I looked at this over the holidays and didn’t comment. Thought I did. I love her…Mom has one about as old I’d like to have one day. 🙂
    PS I’d like to extend an invitation to you to come up for an open poetry reading at the Globe, one of my fav “bars” in Athens. It’s the first Wednesday of every month. Lemme know if that’s a good night for you ever. Maybe you can bring a grad school friend or something too! H


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