Avatar creates an amazing world: direhorse [Pandorapedia]

Common Name Direhorse
Taxonomy Equidirus hoplites or “feared armored horse”
Habitat Rainforests and grasslands, but adaptable to most Pandoran environments. A grazing animal that has been domesticated by the Na’vi as a riding animal.
Anatomy Horse-like creature with six legs, tough skin with no fur, long necks and small head, bold stripes, flexible carbon fiber armor over shoulders and along the back of the neck and head.
Feeding Ecology Land omnivore that uses long snout to feed on sap. some protein intake through insects trapped in sap. Favored food is direhorse pitcher plant. Effective pollinator.
Size Over 4.25 meters long, up to four meters in height
Notes Animal has neural interface that allows Na’vi and direhorse to move together with apparent effortlessness. A highly intelligent, calm creature that, like the Na’vi, can turn fierce in the face of battle.

Avatar is a must-see movie for SF lovers and aficionados of animation!

3 thoughts on “Avatar creates an amazing world: direhorse [Pandorapedia]

  1. Julie says:

    We’re on the same wavelength, Christine. I just watched it last night with family and friends. If not for my daughter, I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on in the movie world. You’re right. It was lovely.


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