Review of Ouroboros Review Issue Four

“Shanghai – Bund Sightseeing Tunnel”

This photo reminds me of Jo Hemmant’s first search for images to symbolize Ouroboros Review. She wanted a photo reminiscent of a snake eating its tail without being obvious, and she ended up finding a black and white picture of a tunnel near London–a circle that hinted at the deferred infinity of poetry.

Now in it’s second year and its fourth issue, Ouroboros Review is stronger than ever. Two new editors have come on board after I left: Carolee Sherwood and Jill Crammond Wickham, friends, poets, and and artists.

This latest issue contains photos from my internet poetry friends Jennifer Delaney and Deb Scott, as well as Atlanta poet Julie Bloemeke. Deb’s poem will make you want to make love to the nearest man or flower in your vicinity, and Julie’s poems about abandoned structures will cause you to stop and hear the wind blow through the empty rooms.

Other friends who have work included are Collin Kelley, who interviews the fabulous Cecilia Wolloch,  Michelle McGrane, who is on a roll with her period pieces and persona poems, and Elizabeth Polkinghorn, who is now publishing under her own name.  Her poem”To Stephan and Yakov” is a heartfelt, honest piece that shows her compassion and sensitivity.

There are several poets who are new to me as well, who have won me over with the grace and ethereal quality of their work: Sophie Mayer, Susan Millar Dumars, and many others.

It was nice to be reacquainted with the strong work of poets whose poems were included in previous issues, such as John Walsh, from Ireland, and Iain Britton, from New Zealand.

One aspect that I love about Ouroboros Review is the London-US connection. Because the magazine contains poetry in English from all over the globe, there is an open, light quality to the collection that opens me and fills me up. Editor and friend Jo Hemmant has a deft touch for knowing what pieces work together.

Thanks to the new editorial board for providing me with a delightful hour and a half of relaxing reading. I should also be grateful my sons went to the movies too–no electric guitars raging from the basement to compete with my attention to the words.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Ouroboros Review Issue Four

  1. Jo says:

    Thanks so much, C, this is a great review and as I just said over at FB, the magazine wouldn’t be half what it is today without all your vision, hard work, technical flair and connections (sniggle, sniggle). Have a lovely weekend! Jx


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