Read about Karen Head's collaborative digital poetry project

Poet and editor Sam Rasnake has published Karen Head’s poetry project at his online poetry and art journal, Blue Fifth Review. Read the exquisite corpse poem, “Monumental,” which she directed from her perch atop the Fourth Plinth on Trafalgar Square in London. She also includes process notes about how she views art and collaboration.

I played a very small role in the project by writing one of the lines in the exquisite corpse poem. Even still, it was exciting to share in this digital experience. Although we each could hear Karen talking and see her in real time via the web cam, we communicated to her through twitter, sending her our lines after she wrote to tell us who was next. By the end of the hour, my T-shirt was damp with sweat, and I only had one line to write!

4 thoughts on “Read about Karen Head's collaborative digital poetry project

  1. Nita says:

    Wow, this is something exciting Christine! Your life has really taken off in a new direction and I think that’s wonderful. Its like you are living in the world of art and poetry and away from the mundane. I have not heard of any collaboration like this, and I find it amazing!


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