Moon Collage

An excerpt from “The Death of the Hired Man” by Robert Frost, from his collection North of Boston (1915).

Part of a moon was falling down the west,
Dragging the whole sky with it to the hills.
Its light poured softly in her lap. She saw
And spread her apron to it. She put out her hand
Among the harp-like morning-glory strings,
Taut with the dew from garden bed to eaves,
As if she played unheard the tenderness
That wrought on him beside her in the night.
“Warren,” she said, “he has come home to die:
You needn’t be afraid he’ll leave you this time.”

Julie Buffaloe Yoder has a beautiful, unique image of the moon in her poem “Illusions.” Visit her blog, The Buffaloe Pen, to read it.

8 thoughts on “Moon Collage

  1. Michelle Johnson says:

    I think Robert Frost is a great writer and I’m sure reading between the lines you’ll find an even greater man. The moon collage is great. Someday I hope to work my camera so as to create pictures that good. Have a great night.


  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Christine. And thanks for the Rural Womyn Zone link you left at my place. I LOVE that site!!

    The moon collage is so beautiful. The excerpt is from one of my favorite Robert Frost poems. Now I’m inspired to pull out my old Frost books. He’s an amazing poet.

    There’s something so hypnotizing about a moon, isn’t there? I stare at it for hours, just dreaming. The moon where I live has a woman in it:) Harper Lee made her famous. Now I want to write a woman in the moon poem! Thanks again, Christine. Have a beautiful week.


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