Detail of a Collage

I ended up skipping a yoga class to make a collage and write a poem.

 The collage centers around Emily Dickinson, but the poem is more about my desire for a return to innocence. In a way, Emily Dickinson represents for me a kind of purity, both artistically as well as spiritually, a kind of purity or innocence I’ve lost.

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10 thoughts on “Detail of a Collage

  1. Dave says:

    Nice! I saw “The Belle of Amherst” at Penn State last month, a wonderful, kind of postmodern production that slipped back and forth in time and had Emily directly addressing members of the audience – sharing a cake recipe, telling them to sit up straight. The effect was haunting.


  2. Bob Wood says:

    You don’t rate a Scarlet A in the loss of innocence category and I’d have to take your word for it to let you slip by with a B-. 😉


  3. ybonesy says:

    I saw this on Facebook and loved the image. Now I know a little more about what it represents. I wonder if innocence is related at all to the notion of beginner’s mind and a desire to return to that state. Just curious.


  4. Julie says:

    Beautiful! I love the collage. I used to cringe when I looked back at the poems or stories I wrote when I was a teenager. Now it makes me feel good. I like that person. I wish I could physically go back in time and tell “her” what a good person she really was. I tell the teens and kids I know now. By listening to them, I regain some of that innocence and wonder as a poet.

    Great topic, Christine. You always get my wheels turning:)


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