Scapegoat Review – Scapegoat Review Summer 2009

I have a short story titled “Foreclosure” in the summer edition of Scapegoat Review. Many thanks to editor, publisher, and poet Erika Lutzner.

Here’s a direct link to Foreclosure.

Also included are Kirsty Logan, Melissa Guillet, Sarah J. Sloat, Rachel Marie Patterson, Francesco Levato, and Lauren Scotto.

8 thoughts on “Scapegoat Review – Scapegoat Review Summer 2009

  1. Julie says:

    I love your story! You do flash so beautifully. It was a great angle, too. I really love the descriptions and the paragraph beginning with this sentence:

    “But the installments he required rose day by day, and his long arm began to drag the woman under the surface…” Awesome! The pacing is great, too. Congratulations, Christine! I love seeing you in print.


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