Fresh's library

I’m in Western Massachusetts now with my family. This photo is of my father-in-law’s library. When he was alive he would play his violin there, read history, and nap.
Since I have limited web access I won’t be leaving too many comments on blogs while I’m away. I’ll catch up when I return. I’m still able to post using email and posterous. Cool, huh?
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8 thoughts on “Fresh's library

  1. carolee says:

    come see me if you’re ever in western massachusetts again. (or i can come see you.) i live about 20 minutes from massachusetts. 🙂 wishing you happy, safe travels!


  2. Michelle Johnson says:

    That’s one nice library. Home away from home. Reminds me of my playhouse I had as a child. I would escape for hours on end from my family, swinging in my hammock. Love those days as I’m sure your father-in-law did his. Hope you’re having a great time. Have a great day.


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