Hindu Temple in ATL

We visited the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. ‘Mandir’ means ‘temple.’

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5 thoughts on “Hindu Temple in ATL

  1. Lisa Allender says:

    Hi Christine, THANK YOU for stopping in at Lisa Allender Writes, and thank you for all the compliments!!
    I’m scrolling down to read several of your entries here.Lovin’ what I’m seein’.
    Peace, yo.


  2. Lisa Allender says:

    Forgot to ask–is this Temple, the one in Lilburn area, that I am going to go see soon? I asked a pal, Franklin, to accompany me. My friend Vim(from India) may go, and a writer-friend, Estelle, mentioned wanting to go, too.
    I’ve been planning the trip for several weeks now.
    Looks GORGEOUS in this photo!


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