riverbabble's summer soltice issue now online

Below is a flier announcing riverbabble 15. I have a short fiction piece included. It’s a few days after the solstice, but the evening light is still with us, a nice time to read. Here’s a direct link to my piece, ‘Dusk.’

Celebrate the summer solstice

and start your summer reading with


Bloomsday issue

is now online at




Margot Comstock, Sara McAulay, Bev Vines-Haines, Patsy Covington, Kyle Hemmings, Rick Spuler, Thomas Kearnes, Andrew M. Lopas, Ward Jones, Marjorie Carlson Davis


Rafael Jesús González, Francine Witte, Anthony Adrian Pino, Julene Tripp Weaver, Charles Clifford Brooks III, Luigi Monteferrante, Jason Price Everett, Paul Lobo Portugés, J. Bradley


Doug Mathewson, Christine Swint, Andrew M. Lopas


Christopher Novak

Visit us here:


6 thoughts on “riverbabble's summer soltice issue now online

  1. Julie says:

    Yay, Christine! I’m so happy you’re back! Congratulations on a beautiful publication. The images of the chickens, the jellyfish, and the setting sun are so very powerful. I will read it many times and also check out the entire issue. Welcome back:)


  2. christine says:

    Hey, Jo, no worries. I know how involved the parents are at the end of the term. and it’s part of the Good Times. Just don’t get too teary eyed when the last day comes, right? I remember those tears, watching them grow up.

    This piece changed a lot from when you read it a while back.


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